remembrances of people in my life that we have lost


you, the wonderful little one
climbing up
to join me on the couch
and now
as a storm breaks
against the Wasatch
you broke against life
such a terrible storm
oh, Shelly
our precious desert flower ...
was life so harch?
its soothing rains too few
our love goes out to you
may your soul find peace
beyond these clouds

© Gary Hehn, July 2006

remember – in memory of Bonnie Lou (King) Hehn

my favorite aunt
my father’s cousin’s wife
no matter …
my favorite aunt
the one who remembered:
dates … details
births, weddings, visits, deaths.
the one who know when two fools met:
friends who would’t sell the house
and the potential buyer with cash.
the one who opened her home to us,
fussed over us,
putting her heart into it.
in the end the memories faded, blurred
like ancient shorelines
of great Lake Missoula
carried away by the Clark Fork River.
confusing past and present
the one who remembered
we struggle to understand
in the end,
she wanted to go home
it became her passion
home, our safe retreat
our place to collect
thoughts, memories, treasures
what of now?
our struggle is your struggle
my dear favorite aunt
forget the memories
just know
home, the place of the heart
we will join you
in the end

© Gary Hehn, July 2010