haiku korner

saw a flower bloom
prayed that i not be greedy
and my heart was glad

the redwood so grand
towering over the land
must fall ‘neath its gain

her face, one of joy
the meadow o’er which i ran
and fell me in love

© 1970 Gary Hehn

Inspired by bill murdock (the karmish)
do not smoosh the fly
universes lie within
so mind your karmas

© 2000 Gary Hehn

grasp at altitude
the climber’s reality
where flesh and stone meet
© 2000 Gary Hehn

early winters spire

up through autumn larch
light dust of snow
bright red, dwarf huckleberry.
sub-alpine meadow and lake
locked in an October wintery grasp.
weather half-threatening
freeing vistas
great walls, granite towers
from amphitheatre slopes
we cross.
dizzying heights beckon
this early winter

© 2000 Gary Hehn


Softly gone
your smile.
A breeze lingers
and I drift,
so many leaves
have left these trees
this autumn.
How hard they fell this year…
a tear for each.
ice cold ground.
a Christmas bough placed for you,
small dried
purple blooms
soft, quiet ornaments
cold hard ground
…miss those days
we laughed tears,
quiet moments…

© 1987 Gary Hehn

the dance

we rose with it,
through its own storm
into light.
has luck found us?
glancing off snow
light so intense …
burning the roof of your mouth!
sun down … moon rise
we dance by the light of it,
Tahoma’s slow dance.
tethered to life-lines
as low landers
laboring under their burden
we labor for air.
listening to glaciers strain
within the steel blue darkness
twisting beneath a new hot sun

© 2000 Gary Hehn

Grama Ross when a young girl with her dog.
Grama Ross when a young girl with her dog.

days gone by – in memory of Bonnie (Gilbertson) Ross

time and dust,
riding a north dakota wind.
a picture
hangs from the wall.
so far removed;
young girl crouching with her dog,
that best friend
long ago riding off
on the wind
across the north dakota plains.
her proud smile
gleaming back.
how could she have known?
with life full ahead
she was to be my wife’s mother.
north dakota dust leaving sweet traces,
laid to rest in montana

© 2000 Gary Hehn

Dr. Monmohan Attavar

from across an ocean
a far off land
so much a part of my past
too young to remember
only that it was good,
good having
this kind friend
from India.

India met Montana
rugged beautiful land
my father
plant, soil
teacher, philosopher
faithful student, friend, humanist

a calm kindness
from a meditative land
and a dream
shared with my father
… India.
my father planted seeds
now Mohan’s seeds grow
… seeds from India
seeds of good will

© 2016 Gary Hehn