A Message from Mildred

gary|writings|mom and dad

by Mildred Hehn


The first feathery snowflakes are falling, silence falls with the snow and the surrounding area becomes a quiet cathedral.

A rejoicing of hearts, a sharing of love. Winter months provide an opportunity for reflection and reading.

The silent snow possesses the earth and calmly tells us Christmas time is coming.

Winter is when nature hangs new pictures for all the world to see and now there is frost in the air.


Spring back so soon again — time is doing a jig instead of a waltz, it seems.

Spring is the season of hope, all of nature turns out to welcome the sun — twigs fling open their buds and wrap themselves in the lace of leaves.

Love is all around in the spring — you can hear it in songs the robins sing. The trees are dressed for spring, a fountain of leaves as tiny as tears.

It’s springtime again in Montana — a time of fragrant wildflowers, soft rain weeping down a window’s glass cheek and daffodils tying on their yellow sunbonnets.


Bozeman nestles in a magic circle of five majestic mountain ranges and our summers are beautiful.

A measure of happiness is to watch at night a slight silvery glow, just behind our Bridger mountains, turn to a brilliant gold as the new moon appears.

The garden is a rustle of unseen things, the silent flutter of butterflies’ wings.

The wind taps lightly at the door–the trees along the street are singing in the rain.


The rain is a soft fall rain, it gleams on early fallen leaves and sets the marigolds nodding.

Nature has her own way of telling us of the passing of time and of changing seasons, it is for each one of us to enjoy the beauty.

This is a time for remembering — memory enhances the bright colors of our yesterdays and makes them dearer with each passing year.

The little fall daisies seem to bloom energy, the mornings are frosty, the days lovely and warm.

We want to thank all our relatives and friends who have sown flowers on the sideroads of our life.

© 1985 Mildred (Schenk) Hehn