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Winter Ascent of Iron Peak - jan04
Team: Gary Hehn, Jon Jumnoodoo, Dave Stephens

This was a tough one in that we got our start in the rain and worked our way up into winter snow in winter conditions. In our soaking wet condition we had to do some soul searching to decide to tough it out by continuing on and spending the night out. This provided the classic challenge of staying warm in cold wet conditions. Once we pitched the tent and treated ourselves to a hot meal we began to feel much better about our decision. The following day made it all worth the effort. There was a lot of new snow and if it hadn't been for the fact that one could pretty much avoid avalanche terrain we wouldn't have wanted to be there.

belay off! gary

iron mnt pic. iron mnt pic. iron mnt pic. iron mnt pic. iron mnt pic.

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frost hoar.

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